What are Microgreens?

What are Microgreens?
These amazing, aromatic, flavoursome, nutritious little sprouts are a product of  a modern farming technology called vertical farming. They can also be grown extremely easily at home on the windowsil.
Vertical farming usually takes place inside greenhouses and warehouses as opposed to traditional outdoor farmland. It is less wasteful of resources and land and is the future of sustainable farming. We maximize the use of vertical space to allow us to produce crops that would otherwise not be possible or economically feasible.
Microgreens are essentially the same as any other vegetable you've ever eaten. (e.g. radish, broccoli, peas) except instead of growing the plant to it's fully matured stage - we harvest the plant while it's still in the seedling phase (usually 5-14 days after starting germination).
They are rich in many nutrients including but not limited to; potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper.
Microgreens usually have the appearance of salad leaves but tend to look and taste much more exotic due to their uncommon nature. This is a huge bonus for chefs - professional or hobbyist.